Winter chaos / Erics Eggs blows up

People often ask us what we do during the winter. Were always busy but this winter is unlike any in the past. Many of you are familiar with our new line of eggs named “Eric’s Eggs”. Last spring we bought 500 birds and started a small egg business. By every account this has been hugely successful. Our friend Sara Ryan did some incredible artwork for the label. Starksboro resident Ann Kowalski added a tag line “Poultry in Motion” and as luck would have it a salmonella outbreak exposed the egg industry for what it is; a nightmare. It’s really interesting to us to be operating in an industry where it’s simply not that hard to be much better than 99% of what is on the shelves. The consumer has spoken and it’s time for a major scale up. One of the challenges with pastured poultry in Vermont is over wintering. We are building 2 34’x96’ greenhouses to house 1250 birds each. During the summer months we will use these houses to grow greenhouse tomatoes. Building greenhouses in the winter can be a challenge.  Add to that our wholesale butternut and existing egg business and we’re busy. Pile on top of that a new web site and ambitious CSA plans and for good measure add four kids to the mix and well you get the idea. It’s super fun being busy! In this economy, to be growing at a rapid clip is a blessing. The future is bright for alternative agriculture. We hope to use this blog to document the farm as it moves forward, check back often.

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  1. cynthia glasscoe Says:

    I was given one of your egg cartons with an incredible label where do you get these printed. I want to also have a custom label.
    Cynthia Glasscoe
    East Bend NC
    Billy Place Farm

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