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A friend recently posted on her Facebook page “I’m glad it’s dark outside so that I can’t see how miserable it is” another posted “Thanks mother nature I love you to”. It’s been a tough winter for sure. We have a lot of projects we need to get to, and we’re fighting an upstream battle. The December 1 st wind storm blew the plastic off of our main production greenhouse. We’ve been unable to repair it due to excessive snow and sub zero temps. We also are anxious to get to work on our two new state of the art Rimol greenhouses. Currently these 34×96′ greenhouses are scattered in parts throughout the farm, our excavator’s machinery sits idle waiting for the thaw. We have two large mobile poultry houses waiting to be assembled. These scissor truss structures were constructed in our squash storage barn, and will house some lucky birds this summer. We often refer to farming as “the battle”. It’s a good thing we love a challenge.

Destination Port Clyde:

Crew at Port Clyde hard at work peeling your shrimp

We are very intrigued by the Community Supported Fishery concept and are excited to incorporate seafood in to our on-line store. We had planned a trip to Port Clyde in January (the heart of the Maine shrimp season), but mother nature had different ideas. So last week we loaded in to the farm’s Tundra and headed to Maine to procure a hundred pounds of shrimp. First stop, Duckfat. Bon Appetite named Portland, Me the best small “Foodie City” in America. Duckfat is very, very good. We dined on Duckfat poutine, meatloaf panini’s and washed it all down with homemade Grapefruit/Ginger Soda. On to Rockland  for the night and another excellent meal at Cafe Miranda. Early to rise, head down the peninsula and out to Port Clyde Fresh Catch. The shrimp season closed the day before, but the crew was hard at work peeling the last catch. Nice people, doing great work.

Employee Spotlight: Sam Ehrenfeld

This year our flock of laying hens will increase from 500 to 3000. We will farrow piglets for the first time, and expect to slaughter 40 feeder pigs. We will also raise 2500 meat birds and install perimeter fencing as step one of a future beef program. Since we are a vegetable farm first, this undertaking is beyond our capacity. Enter Sam. Sam has worked for the last two years at one of the most innovative CSA’s in the country, The Essex Farm. You can read all about this full diet CSA farm in the new book The Dirty Life. He will be managing our livestock and we hope to incorporate his considerable skills as a butcher in to our future business plans. We’re very lucky to have him.

Producer Spotlight: Dragonfly Sugarworks

Paul and Theo in the Dragonfly sugarbush

Membership has it’s advantages. Our friend Paul Limberty’s maple syrup is one of the most sought after maples in all of the land, and we’ll be carrying it! The Vermont food author Rowan Jacobson profiled this special maple operation in his outstanding book American Terroir, at the end of the chapter he included details of a tasting he performed. One of the judges, a thirteen year old girl, described one of the entries as “pure shit”. Paul’s was the only syrup to score a perfect 10. Dragonfly Sugarworks keeps a taste log and when a sap run produces something special they sell “Private Reserve”. Like we said earlier, membership has it’s privileges. Keeping checking the store.

Marketing Partner: BlueBird Tavern Kiosk

The chicken salad sandwich rocks!! Must be the ingredients. We always enjoy ours with a cup of French Press coffee. We have long list of clients waiting for us to expand our egg business. Soon the egg salad sandwiches at the kiosk will feature “Eric’s Eggs”. Oh yeah the candied bacon almonds aren’t half bad either, although we can’t take credit for the bacon. Web site at Blue Bird Tavern.


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  1. marley skiff Says:

    eric and keanan, we will join the csa again this summer! so many choices so much to review
    Marley and Bob

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