The last two weeks, farm update, photos from Natalie

The last two weeks:

In our rather short farming career (16 years) we’ve not seen anything like the last two weeks. An earthquake, a tropical storm, pounding rains, zero heat and no sun. It has affected us, but nothing like what’s happening to neighboring farms. The flooding from Irene devasted area farms and in at least two cases physically altered them in a very negative way. The government has ruled that all food from flooded farm’s must be tilled under (we did not flood). The Burlington Free Press wrote a good article which you can read here. This is a fairly controversial ruling and a tough call to make. The problem is what’s upstream??  We know of  two farms that had a total of eight tractors under water for at least 24 hours. That’s a lot of undesirable fluids in the water. Add in sewage, toxins and a zillion other factors and we don’t disagree with the ruling. It has however affected us because we work with neighboring farms to procure root crops for our shares. Flood plain farms don’t have rocks, we do. Carrots especially are challenging for us, so we either buy them or swap crops with partner farms. Given that these farms are out of business it means we will not have sufficient product for a winter share and that our fall boxes will be a little redundant, for which we apologize. The good new is that we are in business. We have plenty of produce for the next seven weeks and we have some big plans for next year.

Farm update:

-Emmett, the Maremma livestock guard dog continues to grow at an amazing clip. He and Molly the Maremma have struck up a very nice friendship after a slightly rough getting to know each other period.

-We are harvesting winter squash. Which is a little affected by the bad weather, but overall we’d consider it to be a better than average crop.

-We are busy building our number 7 greenhouse, a 34’x96′ top vented Rimol greenhouse

-We ate our first raspberries out of our two Haygrove field tunnels. These plants will be in full production next year and we’ll be in the raspberry business.

-We will be adding 500 more laying hens this week. Eric’s Eggs have been selling out daily!!

-We have an amazing event planned for late October. The details are still being hashed out, but we know enough to say that we will be serving a “nose-to-tail” style dinner, on farm, prepared by the amazingly talented duo known as Misery Loves Company.

Photos from Natalie Stultz:

Arugula from field to wash tub.

Eric stocking up the goods at the market.

We served 114 gorditas last market, one of the many satisfied customers!

Farmer Lou at the Burlington Market

One of our mobile chicken houses

Keenann digging potatoes


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  1. Dave Tatlock Says:

    Hi, folks

    We’ve really been enjoying participating this year. I now eat beats and taunt myself how to pickle jalapeños!

    Love the idea of an event our family could come to to see where we got all this great stuff!

    thanks again.

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