Summer Sign-up, Molly-our new LGD, What’s going on

Summer Sign-up time:

We are very excited for this year. Our CSA has grown rapidly and is keeping us energized after sixteen years of farm ownership. If you are interested in a summer share, the time is now. Our new software

Farmer Will inspects CSA boxes

program “Farmigo” makes signing up for the 2011 season very easy. As an added bonus you can create an account with the farm and fund it for as little as $100. In addition to summer shares we will maintain an on-line store this year. So you will have the ability to add items to your shares as you see fit. It’s going to be a great season and we hope you’ll join us!

Molly the Maremma:

Molly hard at work

Our line of pastured eggs “Eric’s Eggs” is the fastest growing component of our business. Raising birds outdoors presents certain challenges that don’t exist in a barn. We skid housing around the farm and protect the birds from coyotes and other predators using electric fencing. We haul water and feed and collect eggs by hand, the old fashion way. Owls and hawk were the one challenge we didn’t have a good answer for. Aerial predation is a big problem. Maremma sheepdogs have incredible protection instincts and are bred to guard livestock.  Known in the business as “LGD’s” (livestock guard dogs), they are happiest working. A couple of weeks ago we adopted Molly from a farm in Mass. She had been working sheep her entire life, but she took to chickens with zero problems. Soon she will be joined by a puppy.

What’s going on:

A lot!! We are repairing our big production greenhouse which took a big hit during the December 1st storm. We are also building two new greenhouses and two large skidable houses for laying hens. We are seeding crops for summer production, and delivering our Spring shares. Very soon we expect to be doing tractor work out in the field. No doubt about it the 2011 season is in full swing.

Piglets!! A sure sign of spring.

4 Responses to “Summer Sign-up, Molly-our new LGD, What’s going on”

  1. Richard Says:

    The brochure on your website is still the 2010 brochure, and I’m having trouble finding out when the first summer share will be delivered. Do you have the specific dates for summer shares? Thanks!

  2. rmfmaster Says:

    Hi Richard,
    Our summer share begins the week of June 6th. If you join and want to pick-up at Healthy Living again, the pick-up day will be on Tuesdays this season. Sorry we aren’t up to date on that brochure. Let us know if you have any more questions.
    Keenann and Eric

  3. Richard Says:

    Thanks for the information. I just clicked on the small share detailed information, and it said that the first deliveries will be on June 8. Since our pick-up location will be Healthy Living, which delivers on Tuesdays, doesn’t this mean that our first delivery will be on June 14? Thanks!

  4. Kat Clear Says:

    lets do it!
    i’ll sign up for members websites:)

    love eggs,

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