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Spring CSA Sign-Up: we are forging ahead with our Spring CSA plans. We are trying to generate 100 memberships by the first pick-up which is scheduled for Feb.22 at Healthy  Living or Feb. 24 here at the farm. It’s an ambitious goal since nobody really knows that we do a Spring CSA and we’ve done virtually no marketing. We believe that real food sells, once the Spring Locavore Share begins and people get their shares which will contain cheese, bread, Eric’s Eggs, micro-greens, spinach, onions, garlic, etc. it will all come together. The share cost $30/ box for 8 weeks which totals $240. Our new software check-out is in place and you can sign-up, create an account and fund it with as little as $100. As shares get delivered and/or you make purchases from the on-line store the amount will get deducted from your account. Once your balance reaches $25, you will need to re-charge the account in order to keep receiving the share. Speaking of the on-line store, we’ve stocked it with wild caught shrimp from the Bay of Maine, Master Sauce from Folk Foods and a full selection from It’s Arthur’s Fault, plus numerous odds and ends. If you know of a product we should be carrying let us know and we’ll add it. Quality trumps here, we only offer items that we believe in.

CSA Box Packing Inspriration

Last winter we visited what has to be the fastest growing CSA in the country “Johnson’s Backyard Garden” in Austin, Texas. On numerous levels we left hugely inspired and have been following Brenton Johnson ever since via the internet and RSS feeds. In December he blogged about how they pack their CSA boxes complete with great pictures taken by a local photographer. You can read the entire post by clicking here. We have long felt that if our CSA is to grow we need to get more stream lined in how we pack boxes. Assembly line seems to be the way to go. The picture to the left is one of the stations that our friend Silas Clark helped design and built. We look forward to testing the new process soon.

Pigs in Snow:

One of our favorite sites on the farm is big pigs in fresh white snow. The girl to the right is breed to our new boar, and assuming everything went well, will be farrowing her first litter in early April. This is the first year of our breeding program. We’ve got a lot to learn, but it should be an adventure.

Recipe Blog:

We were constantly surprised last year by how many of you enjoyed the recipe section of our newsletter. When we were working with Union Street Media to design the new web site, they came up with the idea of a recipe blog. You can add your own recipes, comment on other recipes and try some of the farm’s favorite recipes. Hope you enjoy this new feature!

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  1. Julie Clark Says:

    hey guys! WE’re excited to be receiving updates and look forward to another season hosting the summer CSA pickup.
    I’ve been thinking about the box packing – and after last year – wanted to offer a little feedback.
    I know sometimes everything came in it’s own bag, and sometimes only greens, etc.
    Not sure what the regulations/ your standards are, but wondered if we could have fewer plastic bags and leave produce (when possible) packed loose in the boxes.
    That’s all! Hope the new tables work well, looks great!

    Talk with you soon.

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