A New Year with Eric and the Crew

Happiest new year wishes from your friends at Rockville Market Farm!

This bluebird afternoon, the lingering snow cover, and some great tunes have us feeling hopeful and energized as we enter 2013 and start working on our “Rockville Resolutions.”

Rockville Market Farm | New Years Resolutions
During this past year we enjoyed a number of highlights such as:

  • Rockville Market Farm Friday Night Dinners which included a phenomenal clambake featuring sweet corn, potatoes, Andouille sausage, and salad fixings straight from the farm
  • 408,000 (34K dozen) Eric’s Eggs sold since the first of the year!

This coming year, we know for sure that Eric’s Eggs will expand (perhaps considerably), that we will continue our RMF Friday Night Dinner Series and that our Rockville Market Farm CSA will continue for it’s fourth year (although, we’re still working on the details). We’re also going to be putting more of a focus on this blog as a means of offering farm updates, recipe suggestions, CSA news, and insight into what makes Rockville Market Farm such a special endeavor.

Rockville Market Farm | Winter 2013 Chickens

Our chickens hunkered down for winter

Sounds great, right? But you’re probably thinking, “What are Eric and his team doing now?” Those chickens must be neck deep in snow and surely nothing can grow in sub-zero temps!” We’ve heard it before – when we tell folks that we farm, one of the first questions we get is “what do you do during the winter…in Vermont?!”

While we love the thought of a winter off, it’s not really a reality. The truth is, the farm is going year-round and since we have less employees during the winter, we’re as busy as ever. We have two sources of winter income: our peeled butternut business and Eric’s Eggs. Of the two, “arctic egg farming ” is certainly the more challenging endeavor. Keeping 2000+ chickens watered, fed, and happy and collecting eggs in sub-zero weather is a real challenge.

Our butternut peeling, by contrast, happens in a well-insulated barn with radiant heat in the floor. It’s nice indoor work where we can listen to music (Spotify rules!), drink tea, and eat whatever treat Keenann has prepared that day. Some of our recent favorites are pumpkin pie, doughnuts, and muffins. We sell the butternut in 25# food-service bags as well as 20 oz. retail packages. It’s super rewarding to deliver to over fifteen restaurants and sample the huge variety of uses for butternut. One of our favorites is the creative “Sasquash” beer at American Flatbread.

In addition to farm work we are busy putting the finishing touches on our 2013 business plan. It sure is an exciting time to be farming. We never could have imagined 18 years ago when we started that there would be so much enthusiasm!

As always – thank you so very much for your support and interest in our farm.
Rockville Market Farm Family

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