Pickup Schedules and Locations

If you’re interested in becoming a member but aren’t sure if we service your area, please check the listings below. In order to protect the privacy of our neighborhood captains we don’t release physical addresses until you’ve joined the farm. We are always looking to add pick-up sites.  Feel free to contact us in order to suggest a new location. All pick-ups with the exception of the Burlington Farmer’s Market are from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m.

We currently have Monday drop sites at:

  • Coop Insurance/Middlebury
  • Middlebury Coop (3-4 p.m.)



  • Healthy Living Parking Lot, South Burlington
  • Imperial Drive, South Burlington (Orchard neighborhood)
  • Tabor Place, South Burlington (Vermont National)
  • Butler Farms, South Burlington


  • Rockville Market Farm, Starksboro
  • Quaker Street, Lincoln
  • First Church of Cambridge
  • Harvest Coop, Cambridge, Mass


  • Burlington Farmer’s Market

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