Our CSA Products

Below we’ve listed out different CSA offerings with a brief overview of each. For an itemized list of what we produce and when it’s available, click here.

  • Spring Localvore Share (cancelled for  2012  due to lack of root crops from the 2011 season, will continue 2013)
    This share is offered every other week starting Feb. 28th and ending June 8th. Pick-ups are scheduled for Healthy Living, Rockville Market Farm as well as Harvest Coop in Cambridge, Mass. We source local products such as bread and cheese and augment it with offerings from our spring greenhouses such as turnips, spinach, mesclun and radishes. Eric’s Eggs are included in the share as well. Limit capacity is 100 members.  The share cost $240 or $30 per box.  We do not offer a payment plan for the spring share.
  • Summer Veggie Share
    This is the crown jewel of what we do. Twenty weeks of certified organic produce delivered directly to a neighborhood near you. We include everything such as salad greens, tomatoes, corn, melons, beans, potatoes, garlic, in other words the staples. That being said we’re not averse to growing a few minor crops such as celeriac, collards or Japanese cucumbers. During this period we will operate an extensive on-line store so that you can round out your shares as you see fit. The share is valued at $25/box for a total of $500
  • Fall/Winter Share
    Still in it’s conception, we will be offering top quality products from our greenhouse, root cellar and freezer. It’s a great way to survive a long Vermont winter and keep in touch with the farm. If you like the challenge of eating local this is the share for you. This share will be valued at $40/box.
  • Summer Grill Package
    Four weeks of farm raised meat for your summer grill!! Each bag will contain three pounds of link sausage from our pasture raised heritage hogs as well as two pounds of grass fed burger from neighbor farms.
  • Egg shares
    Eric’s Eggs/Poultry in Motion. Happy hens producing great eggs, it’s that simple. The egg shares are available as an add-on to the summer share. Twenty weeks for $80 dollars.
  • Store Access Share We created this account for people who do not want a regular CSA membership but would still like to purchase items from the farm. You can use the store to purchase items from our farm including one time shares, if you’d like to sample our CSA boxes. We also offer a few select items from neighbor farms and niche producers. If it’s in the store it’s there because we love it!

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