Meat and Egg Shares

Economy meat shares:

We offer economy meat shares starting in Feb. of 2011. In the past our meat shares were multi-species whole animal. This proved to be a challenge because we don’t grow enough animals to equally divide the higher-end cuts. Our new meat CSA consists of whole chicken, hamburger (from Maple Wind Farm) and a variety of link sausage. Like all of our CSA offerings, members will have full access to our on-line store. We will use the store to sell higher-end cuts such as thick cut chops and smoked bacon. The shares are offered for four months and cost $50 per month, so a 4 month share is $200. Currently the Spring and Winter shares are only available for pick-up at Healthy Living. During the summer months the meat shares are available at all pick-up locations.  Each month you will receive a chicken, two pounds of burger and three pounds of link pork sausage. The pork sausage will be any combination of chorizo, andouille, sweet Italian, hot Italian and/or loose breakfast sausage.

Chicken shares:

We love what we do; it feels good to provide real food for real people. It’s always great to receive a compliment and of all the products we produce, chickens garner the most buzz. We’ve literally had people call us in the middle of their meal, ecstatic. We raise our chickens outdoors from day one and supplement their foraging with high quality grains and water from our well. We slaughter using the state inspected mobile processing unit, and cryovac the finished product for optimal freezer storage. If you have never eaten pasture raised chicken, you are in for a treat!

These birds are expensive to raise. We offer a substantial discount if you purchase in bulk. Regular shares consist of 5 birds for $90 (birds weigh between 4 and 6 lbs). Individual chickens can be purchased at the Burlington Farmer’s Market or by using our online check out.

We have inventory available year round, you can order a share any time of the year.

Egg shares:

Eggs are part of the spring and fall/winter shares. They are offered as an add on to the summer share. The price is $4/doz. for 20 weeks for a total of $80. We are very proud of these eggs. The birds lead a special life that is part of the reason the eggs have such exceptional flavor. These are guilt free eggs offered at a low price for our CSA members.

Eric's Eggs

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