Last spring share, Weather report, Eric’s Eggs t-shirts coming soon

Last spring share:

This year for the first time we offered  a “spring locavore share”. Forty members signed up for bread, eggs, Does Leap goat cheese and fresh veggies from the farm. Like all things new there’s a learning curve, but overall we are happy with the way it panned out. The hope had been to overwinter spinach and supplement with root crops for the first three or so pick-ups. These shares would be followed by radish, arugula, mesclun, bok choy, etc. produced in our greenhouses and the last shares would include produce from the field. We have a long track record of producing crops in these time frames. It just didn’t work out that way this year. We’re still weeks away from harvesting from the fields, so it was a slow, sluggish spring growing season. We are always looking for feedback; the good, the bad and the ugly. Constructive criticism can be a very good thing. We do not send out questionnaires because we’re not fans of receiving them. If you have something you want to share with us please do not hesitate.

Keenann watering in the greenhouse

CSA member Natalie Stultz shot this picture of Keenann watering the greenhouse

Weather update:

We have sustained some major weather events here on the farm. The third snowiest winter on record was followed by the wettest spring on record, and  the sun refuses to shine. We are very optimistic about the 2011 growing season, and we’re working from sun up to sun down in effort to ensure that the CSA boxes are full. However, we’ve decided to postpone the first pick-up from the week of June 6th to the week of June 13th. If we cannot make up the value of the share in the nineteen weeks, we will add a twentieth pick-up at the end of the season. We appreciate your patience, and ensure you we are doing everything imaginable to deliver as promised.

Eric’s Eggs t-shirts:

We get lots of positive feedback on our Eric’s Eggs labels, designed by our friend and super talented artist, Sarah Ryan. We are thrilled to offer Eric’s Eggs t-shirts for sale this year. They are at the print shop right now and we will add them to the on-line store in a couple of weeks. The men’s shirts will be available in brown, and the women’s in brown and blue. The art work is stunning, supply is limited so order early (e-mail us if you are interested).

some of the 1500 girls currently roaming the farm

Peach guarding the barn

Don't panic, Walter's in control!

Our new livestock guard dog Emmett, with his mom Tallini. See the fire in his eyes??

2 Responses to “Last spring share, Weather report, Eric’s Eggs t-shirts coming soon”

  1. Mary Jo Says:

    Thinking of you lots with this weather … fingers crossed that the sun shines soon! Loved every CSA box and have become devotees of new cheeses, breads and greens! Millers would definitely love t-shirts – 1 XL, 2 L, 1 M & 1 SM!

  2. Charlo Maurer Says:

    I appreciate that you had something different in mind for the spring CSA, but we’ve been very happy. We didn’t know what to expect, so everything we received was a surprise and a treat. I like getting potatoes and carrots as much as spring greens, and the eggs, bread and cheese have been great supplements to the veggies. I don’t think apologies are necessary at all.

    I can imagine that it’s been a very tough year weather-wise. We got water and snow-logged in the city too. I hope things start to improve and that you get some good farming weather from here on out.


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