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Membership Options:

  • Webstore Access Share
    The “webstore access share” simply gives you access to our online store, what you order is what gets delivered. We have curated an awesome selection of products from our own farm as well as neighboring producers. Variety changes throughout the season, so we will send you updates. No minimum order required.
  • Full Size “Best of Vermont” Customizable Weekly Order (approximately $30 / Week)
    The Full Size Order gives you a weekly variety box of seasonal veggies and herbs from our farm, plus one or two surprise (non-produce)  items from neighboring producers.  This is a great option for a family, or group of 3+ people.  This order is fully customizable, so you are able to add and remove items from your box.  An initial selection of approximately $30  is made for you each week and placed in your shopping cart.  If you do not modify the order, this is what you will receive and will be charged for.  If you do modify the order, you will be charged according to the amount ordered.  So if you order only $10 worth, that is the amount you will be charged.  If you add extra items, you will be charged for each item added.  There is also an option to receive this order every other week. Sign up link here
  • Half Size “Best of Vermont” Customizable Weekly Order (approximately $15 / Week)
    The half size is exactly the same as the Full Size, except the default order is approximately $15 instead of $30.  This option is great for a single person or couple. Sign up like here

Payments: We use an web-based software program called Farmigo to process payment.  We accept Paypal, credit card, cash or check.

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