Flavor (pork)

Micheal Pollan said it best when he observed “you are what you eat, eats”. When we first started raising pigs we used to feed them scraps that the local supermarket would save for us. Funny thing is pigs are just kids in that they prefer doughnuts to veggies. We were disappointed with the meat that year. We now strictly control the pigs diet. We feed them 3-5# of conventional grain per day, provide them with unlimited access to high quality pasture, and augment with vegetables from our certified organic vegetable farm. Fall and winter our farm peels butternut squash as a major component of our business. The best pork in the world is finished on a seed crop, if affects the fatty acids and imparts distinct flavoring. In Spain they finish pigs with acorns, Southern farmers “hog down” their peanut fields, we use butternut seeds from our processing facility. Ever since we’ve changed feeding practices we’ve noticed huge improvements in flavor. A friend recently told us our pork is the best he’s ever had, which of course is a huge complement.

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