Final CSA details, New Store Items, Thanks Sarah and Natalie

Final CSA details:

It’s officially time to get the 2011 season going!! Next week we will be delivering shares.


Tuesday–South Burlington, Shelburne, Burlington (Union Street)

Wednesday–Bristol, Lincoln

Thursday–Starksboro (on farm),  Cambridge, MA

Saturday–Burlington (farmer’s market)

-New this year: as per the terms and agreements, it is the consumers responsibility to bring bags to the pick-ups. All boxes are property of Rockville Market Farm and need to be broken down and left at the pick-up location.

-Any and all changes to your account or orders from the on-line store need to be placed 48 hours before your pick-up, and your account needs to have sufficient funds available to cover that week’s delivery.

-Each week we will post to the front page of our web site a “best guess” for that week’s share contents.

New on-line store items:

Early on we promoted Dragonfly Sugarworks in one of our newsletters. Our friend Paul Limberty manages this high altitude sugarbush with a focus on quality. These outstanding syrups have garnered some high profile accolades including Gourmet magazine and a whole chapter in local author, Rowan Jacobson’s, book American Terrior. The store is supplied with three sizes of Grade A dark amber (half gallon, one liter and half liter). We highly recommend these syrups, which are in limited supply.

Back by popular demand, our Che style hats. This years model is black with yellow text (Rockville Market Farm, Starksboro, Vermont).

RMF Che Hats

Eric's Eggs/Poultry in Motion Tee Shirt

Our farm tee shirt this year, features “Eric’s Eggs/Poultry in Motion”. The art work is simply stunning.

You can check all the store items (including additional fresh vegetables)by clicking here.

Thanks Sarah and Natalie:

Hard working folks have been farming here for at least two hundred and fifty years. We’re pretty sure we’re the first generation with a cultivated “look”. Several years ago we decided it was time to grow up a little as a business and we started talking with our friend Sarah Ryan about a logo. Sarah is beyond special, we look around our farm and our house and her art is everywhere. Needless to say what started out as a desire to have logo, quickly grew into tee shirts, eggs labels, chalk board art at the market, etc. Sarah’s main gig is hand painting guitars for Creston Electric. Check out the site by clicking here.

Every artist needs a muse, and we count our blessings that CSA member and farm photographer Natalie Stultz is inspired by agriculture. She has traveled the world snapping stunning images, but recently has been spending more time here at the farm. Her images are being added on a regular basis to our web site. Check out her site by clicking here (you might not recognize her all clean but that’s Keenann on the front page).

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