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Farm Updates:

Spring CSA: we’ve scheduled 33 CSA pick-ups throughout the 2011 season. Last week was our first pick-up of the year as well as our first ever in Cambridge, Mass. The first eight pick-ups of the year are “Locavore shares”, meaning that we source bread and cheese from our friends and augment the share with our own eggs and veggies. There are seven more pick-ups available and plenty of room for more members.  Our check-out wizard will automatically pro-rate your share if  you decide to join.

Last week we visited our friends at Does’ Leap Farm. We’re huge fans, to say the least. Check out their web site by clicking here. We’ve added as an option to the summer share, Does’ Leap Cheese. This is twenty weeks of cheese (5 varities) for $140. The cheese will be delivered along with your summer share.

Our on-line store is up and going. We had a slight hiccup our first week of using it. The program is suppose to shut down the store 48 hrs. before each delivery in order to allow us time to process orders. Unfortunately, it shut down on Saturday and never re-opened because we did not program the hours specific to each delivery day. Easy problem to fix which we have done. If you are not yet a member you can preview our store by clicking here.

We’re going solar!! We will be taking advantage of All Earth Renewables innovative lease to own program coupled with  incentives from the state. This will allow us to install two All Sun Trackers, and cover 2/3 of the farm’s electric needs using solar power, pretty cool.

We’ve been farming for sixteen seasons now. A lot can go wrong in farming, and we’ve suffered some wicked set backs in those years. Having our farm’s Facebook page disappear without a trace doesn’t even register in the top 100. We’re left with no choice but to start over from scratch. We’ve set-up a new farm page (Rockville Market Farm) as well as a page dedicated to eggs called “Poultry in Motion” . You can lend your moral support and “like” them.

Employee spotlight: Ralph Cota

Excellent neighbor Ralph Cota

We bought our farm from the Vermont Land Trust, but it was part of the Cota Farm. The little road we live on is called Cemetery Road, and we’re the only non-Cota household on the road. Ralph has been with us every step of this adventure. You simply couldn’t ask for a better neighbor. Retired dairy farmers can’t sit still for long, and Ralph’s always willing to help out. As an added bonus he has selective amnesia when it comes to keeping track of his hours.

Producer spotlight: It’s Arthur’s Fault

We’re really excited to bring a wide range of products to our members via our on-line store. Vermont is blessed with some special talents when it comes to food. It’s Arthur’s Fault offers a full range of condiments to spice up your meal. Our favorites are  the Peanut Sate Sauce and Ginger Carmel Sauce (we put it on apples). Every Saturday Arthur and his daughter set up across the park from us at the Burlington Farmer’s Market. Arthur’s a big guy, hard to miss in a crowd. We instantly liked him, and look forward to a long partnership.

pigs keeping cozy in Port-a-hut

Marketing partner: American Flatbread/Burlington

A lot of restaurants say they support local agriculture. A handful are taking the concept to another level. American Flatbread in Burlington is a dream account for our farm. They buy our pork belly, to make house cured pancetta. They pay a very good price to use our sausage on their pizza, and even front us some money to cover the processing fee. Lastly, they use our chicken to make Buffalo Chicken Pizza, as a special. Good people, great pizza and unbelievable beer, we’re in love!

10 Great Pork Books:

-Pork and Sons

-Pig Perfect

-Primal Cuts

-Meat (River Cottage)

-Momofuko Cookbook

-Charcuterie and French Pork Cookery

-The Whole Beast (Ferguson)

-Living with Pigs

-Beyond Nose to Tail

-Complete Book of Pork

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