Farm CSA Policy

Becoming a Rockville Market Farm member means that you pledge to support our farm in its operations by pre-paying a fee in exchange for a share in the season’s harvest.

CSA is an exciting alternative to grocery stores. By supporting the farm directly you eliminate the middle man, reduce packaging, lower your carbon footprint and in exchange receive wholesome locally grown foods. We are a real farm.  Your food will look like it was grown by a human.

All of our vegetables and plant starts are certified organic. Our eggs and meat are not. The animals lead happy lives, always outdoors with access to pasture. They are never given hormones and to date we’ve never used an antibiotic although we reserve the right to do so in extreme cases.

We ask that you transfer the contents of your box to bags. Two to three bags per pick-up should be sufficient. If you don’t have bags we will provide them.

We ask that you break down your box. We have made a considerable investment in plastic boxes. We printed easy to follow directions on the bottom of each box. Collapse flat and stack them neatly, please!

Your box will be at the designated pick-up location on the designated dates and time period. The box is guaranteed during the pick-up hours. If you do not pick up during the designated hours, your box is left to the host’s discretion.

You are responsible for making arrangements for your box if you are unable to pick up. Please ask a neighbor, friend or family member to pick up your box for you. If nobody is available to pick up please contact the farm forty-eight hours before the pick-up.

We accept various forms of payment including checks and electronic bank transfer. You have to option to pay for your share in full or in 5 monthly installments.

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