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Recently Keenan, Will, and I took a small vacation from the farm – the first in over five years! The much needed down time gave us a chance to really reflect on some remarkable opportunities that presented themselves throughout the last year. Similar to those of you who planned on going to the gym every day and realized that cross country skiing (if we had the snow) was a better option for getting in shape, we’ve made a few revisions to our resolutions as well.

While we’d sure love to do everything, and have certainly tried in the past, we’re trying to really focus our resources this year to make sure we truly excel in all of our endeavors. With this in mind and although it’s been a really difficult realization, we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s best to suspend our CSA program for the 2013 season. Not to worry though – there’s still plenty of fresh food to go around!

If you live in the Burlington area, we encourage you to consider joining the Intervale Food Hub. If you’re in the Boston area we’d recommend joining either Farmers To You or Graze Delivered. All three organizations run fantastic programs and source a lot of their products from our farm – so you’ll still be able to enjoy a little RFM in your diet!


The girls look ready to make it happen!

Also there are still some really cool things that you can look forward to:

-We hope to grow Eric’s Eggs into a regional egg brand. This is a super exciting opportunity that only really comes around once a career. We are attempting to develop a multi-farm model, that can be replicated on a neighboring dairy farm. By doing so we will be able to increase supply, diversify on farm incomes, fertilize the land, support our community by creating local jobs and deliver a superior product. Sounds good right?


Can you believe this can be made into a doughnut?!

-We’ve been cooking up a storm at the markets and recently, received a grant from the state to install a commercial kitchen on the farm. This will allow us to prep for markets, produce value-added products, host on-farm dinners and finally get that doughnut business on solid footing (if you haven’t had a chance to taste Barbara’s butternut doughnuts, you’re in for a treat!)

As always we thank you for your support. Please visit the web site for frequent blog posts and follow the farm on Facebook. It’s going to be a great year and we can’t wait to share it with you!

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