Cochon 555, grafting tomatoes and overwintered spinach

We are honored to be supplying a pig for the Cochon 555 event in Boston. This is a world class event featuring 5 chefs, 5 wines and 5 pigs. Click here to link to their website or better yet, join us this Sunday in Boston for what promises to be a great time.

Keenann has been busy starting seeds of all types. For the last several years she has grafted our greenhouse tomatoes. In much the same way that apple growers graft apple trees, we take tasty tomatoes and graft them on to hardy, disease resistant root stock.

Speaking of greenhouse tomatoes. Last year, as I’m sure you all remember, was a very challenging tomato year with widespread blight throughout the state. We fought the blight for many months with continual copper treatments but eventually pulled our tomato plants out early. What to do with all that valuable greenhouse space? We overwintered spinach which is currently being sold at City Market, Healthy Living and Mountain Greens. So if you need a greens fix after a long winter go get a bag.

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