Calculate the size of your share/what do I get?

The two most frequently asked questions asked by somebody considering our CSA is what size share should I get and what do I get? We’ve dedicated this entire section to answering those questions.

The spring and fall/winter shares are one size. The summer share comes in two sizes large and small. Here’s a nifty little quiz we lifted from Terra Firma Farm’s web site in California (we don’t think they’ll care).

Box size quiz:

How many people are in your household?

How many nights a week do you cook?

How many vegetarians in the house?

How many vegetable haters (count this as a negative number)?

Add it up! If you scored:

  • Between 1-4 we recommend our small box.
  • Between 5-9 your on the fence, probably small with purchases from the store.
  • Ten or more give the large box a try.

Keep in mind we operate an extensive on-line store in addition to the boxes. You will be able to shop and add produce as you see fit.

What do I get?

CSA is an odd product. There are no rules, every farm is able to determine for itself what it’s members get. The idea is that distribution perfectly mirrors production, meaning that when things are cranking the boxes should be heavy, when the season is just beginning chances are the boxes will be light. We encourage you to shop when buying a CSA share; it’s a big decision. During the 2010 season we published a weekly newsletter and listed all the produce in the shares. If you want to know what you get, access the newsletter archive; it’s a great way to follow the farm through the season.

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