Brief farm update, one story, lots of pictures and a list

Eric didn't really want to buy a new dump truck but Keenann insisted

Farm update:

There’re only so many ways to say it’s been a challenge. We feel like the weather has been relentlessly working against us. We planted red and green bac choi in our greenhouse along with scallions. We are getting ready for our first outdoor seeding and we’ll be transplanting kale, swiss chard, broccoli, beets, onions, etc. in earnest starting this week. The two new Rimol greenhouses still need to be built, but the site work is finally done. Our second skiddable chicken tractor is ready for it’s final touches. Last week we received 1000 laying hens that are happily acclimating to their new home. The piglets are doing well, and we’ll have our first round of meat birds processed next week.

A story:

Sixteen years ago, when I started farming, I bought three Earthway seeders at a Gardner Supply Warehouse sale. They cost me $45 each, and I bolted them together to make a “gang seeder”. A lot has happened in the past 16 years. We now own a fully diversified farm, complete with tractors, all sorts of equipment, greenhouses, etc. But at the end of the day when something needs to get seeded we pull out the Earthway seeders. Assuming the gang cost me

Our friends at Does Leap had "kids"

$150 total, and we’ve done some minor repairs over the years, we’re still talking about $15 per year. Call it the end of an era, or maybe a mistake, but this week we received our new Sutton seeder. Total cost?? $6000. We purchased it with our neighbors at Full Moon Farm, so our half ended up being $3000, but still!! Funny thing is Dave at Full Moon was reluctant to part with his Earthway seeders after twelve years. Hopefully, if all goes well we’ll be telling the story fifteen years from now of how we bought our Sutton seeder for “only” $3000

Top Ten Live Albums:

Chicken tractor number #1 is finished and in production

If you’ve ever been to the farm, you might have noticed that we almost always have music playing. Whether in the packing shed or the fields, we live by the words our friend Louie Pulver who told us years ago “Always have tunes.”  Live music seems to be preferable for a work atmosphere, so this week’s list’s:

RMF Top 10 live albums (in no particular order)

– Wilco “Kicking Televsion”

– Leonard Cohen “Live in London”

– Jay Farrar “Stone, Steel and Bright Lights”

– Bob Marly “Live Forever”

– Nirvana “MTV Unplugged”

– Matisyahu “Live at Stubbs”

– Zac Brown “Pass the Jar”

– Grateful Dead “Dick’s Pick’s Vol. 29”

– Jerry Garcia and Merl Saunder’s “Well Matched”

– The Decemberist “Live at Soho”

Keenann hard at work in the greenhouse

Our neighbor Farmer Joe helped out with prepping the fields

The production greenhouse is in full swing

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