Awesome food subsidies, Photos and a recipe from Natalie

Awesome food subsidies:

It’s a well known fact that really bad food is heavily subsidized in this country. Corn, the building block for bad food, is subsidized to a point that would make Cuban farmer’s blush. Recently, Mark Bittman has been writing some excellent articles in the New York Times about taxing bad food and reducing corn subsidies. The saving in reduced health care cost to the nation, would go a long way toward deficit reduction. On a different angle, the Awesome Foundation recently announced that it will be handing out $1000 grants to companies that produce awesome food. It’s peanuts compared to the gazillions the U.S. government dolls out to corn farmer’s, but it’s a great idea and definitely a step in the right direction.

A recipe from Natlie (zucchini sticks and sweet onion dip):

Today’s recipe was recommended by our good friend and farm photographer Natalie Stultz. It is posted on the King Arthur web site, to view it you can click here.

Photos by Natalie Stultz:

The boys new career: male modeling!!

Eric and Justin working on the pump

Keenann at South Village Farm

It's tomato season!!

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