When we started our farm journey fifteen years ago we were obsessed with soil. We read everything about it, played in it all day long, got together with friends at night and talked soil. Since we started farming in the Burlington Intervale, the soil was amazing. Rich sandy loam that grew everything you threw at it. When we arrived in Starksboro it was a wake up call. Rocks, gravel, ledge, and depleted soils were the new reality. We’ve adapted but it’s taken time, and now a new vision is emerging. What we’ve learned after all these years is that the answer is grass. Vermont grows great grass, it’s always been a pastoral state. How to take advantage after years of dirt farming? Our new farm vision starts with grass, add lambs because they mow grass, rotate on poultry (layers and broilers) to fertilize the ground, follow the next year with winter squash. Since we peel butternut squash we feed the seeds to pigs, which imparts a distinct flavoring (the best pork is finished with a seed crop, think Spanish pigs and acorns). So there it is grass+lambs+poultry+winter squash=great pork.

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