A New Way To CSA

We spent a lot of time this winter researching different CSA models. The outcome is something based on the system used by farms that deliver year round. Here’s how it works:

  1. Create an account
  2. Fund it with either $100, $250, $400 or $600.
  3. As shares get delivered and/or you purchase additional items from the store your account will be credited. In order to keep receiving shares you will need to authorize us to charge up your account.

This has numerous advantages for everybody involved. First you can create an account and reserve a spot in the CSA for as little as $100. Second you can purchase items from the store without having to pull out your credit card every time. Third the farm has the flexibility to offer a by week for vacationing members. Lastly administrative duties are considerably less on our end. We feel that this is an innovative break through in CSA farming, it should improve the overall experience considerably.

One Response to “A New Way To CSA”

  1. Alice E. Kidder Says:

    I have mailed in my check, but you won’t probably have it until Thursday when your mail comes.
    Can you still send me my share which is due
    to be delivered early Thursday morning in Cambridge?

    Thanks for being so accessible.

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